With A Little Ambition, You Too Can Be A Plowerhouse

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01.12.12 3 Comments


I’m a big fan of card games, as I love poker, rummy, hearts, spades, and pretty much anything that goes great with a case of cheap American beer and/or girls willing to take their clothes off. I like games that require a lot of strategy and trying to determine what your opponent is thinking or what he’ll do next, because it’s fun and challenging to play mind games with people and to show that I have the superior mental skills. Power is beautiful no matter how you achieve and cultivate it.

That said, I also like playing solitaire when I’m bored because it beats reading a book, but there’s nothing more frustrating than when you keep losing and eventually start cheating because who the f*ck is watching you play anyway? Thankfully, YouTube user “Gobolatula” made a quick and handy solitaire tutorial video after he had apparently been playing and dominating all night, and he finally revealed how easy it is to win every time you play. Behold, the power of solitaire royalty!

(I don’t usually like posting 8-minute videos, but I watched this one beginning to end and it is pretty great.)

(Via The Daily What)

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