WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 8/18/14

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The Lil Naitch Era has begun.

Tonight, on the post-SummerSlam With Spandex WWE Raw adjective adjective open discussion thread:

2014 might very well be the year of Brock Lesnar. At WrestleMania, The Beast Incarnate did the impossible and ended The Undertaker’s legendary undefeated streak at The Show of Shows. Last night at SummerSlam, Lesnar gave John Cena a one-sided beating to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

On Raw, what could very well come to be known as the “Lesnar Era” continues. What will happen 24 hours after a new ruler ascended to WWE’s throne? WWE.com places some bets before Monday night’s hottest show rolls into Las Vegas. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Will we see the debut of the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt tonight? More importantly, will Lesnar eat the other two belts in front of us?

2. The Dean Ambrose hoodie is available to purchase on WWE Shop, so if you’re stupid and don’t buy the STEPH! STEPH! STEPH! shirt, this is a nice second option.

3. I will become a Bella Twins fan forever if Brie has Nikki arrested and takes her to court for that turn at SummerSlam.

4. WWE’s five-point preview is just “this person had a match at SummerSlam. What does the future hold for this person?” five times, so tonight’s show will either feature a bunch of fun, crazy, cool new stuff, or 10 consecutive Rybaxel vs. Goldust and Stardust tags.

5. Heath Slater was a lumberjack at SummerSlam. What does the future hold for Heath Slater?

As always, the 10 best comments from tonight’s open discussion thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of WWE Raw column. Reply to your favorites with a +1 to nominate them for consideration.

Enjoy the show.

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