These Fresh Oktoberfest Adidas Are Literally Puke And Beer Proof

If you love sneakers, beer and sometimes drinking enough to puke, there’s a new Adidas shoe that’s got you covered. Literally. The brand’s new Oktoberfest-themed shoes are beer and puke proof. This is not a drill, the company designed a “DPBR” coating. That stands for “durable puke and beer repellent” and is 100% necessary for the event in question. Thank you Adidas (praise hands emoji)!

The inspiration came from Munich’s Oktoberfest and the beer dominated activities that go on during the festival. Whether you’re dancing with a beer in hand, flirting with a beer sloshing over the rim of your stein, or chugging your 10th beer, your dope kicks are now prepared for whatever might spill on them.

The designers didn’t miss a thing with these: The material easily matches with classic lederhosen and the interior has a red and white tablecloth-esque lining. The heel is even stitched like a traditional dirndl dress design — it really doesn’t get more German than that. To top it off, “Prost” which is German for “Cheers” sits on top of the gold stripes.

People from all over the world are preparing to head to Munich at the end of September and intrepid travelers would be wise to grab a pair of Oktoberfest sneakers before boarding a flight. They’re set to release September 2.