The New Crystal-Bedazzled Air Jordans Will Cost You A Cool $6,500

Daniel Jacob

Remember the good old days when the hottest new Air Jordans were something you saved for, stood in line for the release of, and tried your hardest not to scuff? Well, those days are no more. Enter the days of the triple-your-rent costing, might-get-you-jumped, bling BLAOW Air Jordan 1s, better known as the “GOLDS.” These “Jawdins” are a pair of shoes you most definitely will need to tip-toe in — just to keep the more than 15,000 crystals that adorn them intact.

Artist Daniel Jacob, known for bedazzling everything from J’s to popsicles, released the GOLDS at the beginning of 2018 as his first pair of wearable Air Jordans. Jacob has many blinged-out shoes, featured on his Instagram, but all of them have been strictly for artistic purposes. Now, though, if you want to feet to glitter like the star that you are, you can cop a pair of GOLDS for only $6,500. The made-to-order shoes come in men’s sizes, and, right now, are the only product featured on Jacob’s Website (because like, if he sells one pair, he’s good for awhile).

It will be exciting to see which celebrity sneakerhead is the first to sport the shoes out in public — because, just being real, ain’t none of us regular folk got that kind of money to blow, and we’d probably just crease them, anyway.