A New Capsule Collection From Trojan Urges You To ‘Protect Your Wang’


It’s possible that you haven’t heard of fashion designer Alexander Wang, who broke into the fashion scene with his own label in 2005 (and convinced Chris Kattan return to his Mango character, just a few years ago). But, we would bet money you have heard of condoms and consider sexual safety and education important issues. If that’s the case, you have a lot in common with Wang — who’s collaborating with Trojan Condoms on a capsule collection for the Pride season titled “Protect Your Wang.”

A line of condoms, apparel, and accessories that 1) provides charitable support for inclusive sex health programs at the LGBT Center of New York and 2) is built around a penis pun? Yeah, we’re freaking all for that.

Wang — who turned his line into a full ready-to-wear women’s line by Spring 2007 and now has over 25 stores across the globe — is known for melding the sophisticated with the flawed to create easy garments that are both part of the urban uniform and worthy of inclusion in a modern art museum. He is also openly gay and extremely vocal about health within his community.

“Pride has always been one of my favorite moments of the year,” Wang says, “and it’s even more amazing when you can engage with your friends and fans to share an important message.”

The capsule collection, a partnership with Trojan, features a t-shirt, hat, bandana, socks and co-branded condoms. Yep, luxury condoms — the time has really arrived for those to be a thing. The apparel is available for purchase on Instagram and at the Alexander Wang flagship store in SoHo, New York City. Each item also comes with a condom.

In addition to his work with Trojan, Wang also designed a “Protect Your Wang” float that will be part of the New York City Pride March on June 24. The nearly 2 million attendees will be treated to a one-of-a-kind experience that Wang told GQ “was inspired by that outdoor Venice Beach gym vibe, and imagining it in a Brutalist, black-metal, industrialist way.” “Protect Your Wang” condoms and other giveaways will be handed out along the route.

We couldn’t be happier that Alexander Wang decided to capitalize on his name’s pun with condoms and clothes that call attention to safe condom use. We only hope that little Reese E. Cupp girl, whose mom named her after candy, achieves such name-gag heights.