Ariana Grande Teams Up With Reebok For A Bold, Confident New Sneaker


Ariana Grande and Reebok have come together to create a shoe that celebrates individuality, confidence and fearlessness, a follow-up collaboration after their Be More Human campaign. Building off Reebok’s popular Classic sneaker, the Rapide version commissions a touch of Ariana’s daring personality by featuring in the sneaker giant’s bold vector logo in vibrant pink and blue colorways over a Skull Grey silhouette — as an ode to the nostalgic ’90s culture.

“Together, Reebok Classic and Ariana want you to celebrate yourself in your boldest form, to stand up for the things that you love, and to never hide who you are,” Reebok’s official press release for the sneaker emphasizes.


Ariana rocks her rendition of Rapide with Reebok’s Fall/Winter 2018 line snuggled up in a striking blue version of the collection’s Classic International crew sweater, pairing her kicks with dark grey knee-high socks and a yellow plaid skirt.

The messaging behind the “God Is A Woman” star’s Rapide sneaker is right in line with Reebok’s self-esteem-boosting Be More Human campaign, which includes Grande, Gal Gadot, Danai Gurira, Nathalie Emmanuel and many other strong women trying to change the world for the better

The unisex shoe is now available for pre-orders at a price point of $80 and officially launches August 2.

Aside from inspiring her fans through sneakers and fashion, Ariana is getting her fans ready for the slated August 17 release of her forthcoming album Sweetner, the follow-up to 2016’s platinum-selling album Dangerous Woman.