Fashion Nova Woke People Up With A Racy Text And Twitter Users Have Had Enough

Leaving your phone number with a brand at the checkout is always a gamble. On the one hand, you’ll get the latest news on whatever you ordered from wherever you ordered it from and maybe 10 or 20% off your next streetwear buy. Waiting on a gift? Eagerly anticipating something you just treated yourself with? Bought something expensive but don’t trust your neighbors (someone is stealing from my doorstep, Kevin, and I know it’s you)? You’re damn right you’re going to leave that phone number.

On the other hand, sometimes a company goes too far. No, I’m not talking about selling your phone number to scammers and cold-callers, I’m talking about waking up to weird texts with heavy sexual innuendos, like Fashion Nova shoppers did this morning. The text promised ‘The BIGGEST one you’ve ever seen” followed by the eggplant emoji, some shifty eyes, and a wink.

We all know that the eggplant emoji is the universal language for “dick” and paired with the shifty eyes… and winking face — look, a lot of emojis translate to “horny sex stuff” and I know marketers have to do their job and create interest in their customer base, but there are probably a million other ways to advertise a 50% off sale. Just think of all the people who must’ve checked this text half-asleep. We’re not all morning people, some of us don’t have the mental capacity to get a joke that early in the morning.

As a result, a lot of people took to Twitter this morning to say that Fashion Nova has gone too far. Whether you liked the text or not, we can all agree that Fashion Nova are some freaks. In a fun way.