These New Kicks Are Made Of Recycled Gum


Two giant pains in the butt: diminishing resources here on our wonderful planet, and getting gum on the bottom of your shoes. Imagine a world where we could get rid of both of those problems (or at least make a small dent in them) and get to wear some fresh kicks as an added bonus.

That’s the stoned-sounding dream of Gumshoe, a new shoe coming out that features soles made entirely of recycled chewing gum. Amsterdam-based clothing brand Explicit Wear partnered with city marketing organization Iamsterdam — the tourism website for the Dutch city — and sustainability company Gumdrop to break down the synthetic rubber properties in chewing gum to create a new type of rubber called Gum-Tec, and with it, a sustainable option for your feet.

The companies use about 2.2 pounds of ABC gum for every four pairs of sneakers, which isn’t hard to come by, seeing as how the gum is harvested from the streets of Amsterdam where approximately 3.3 million pounds of gum resides each year (the second most common litter after cigarettes), this explains why Gumshoe says the creation of their sneaker is for the “sole purpose of clean streets.” The rest of the shoe is made from leather, and you can purchase the shoes in bubblegum pink or black and red beginning in June, for around $232 USD.