Check Out The New Yeezys And Other Cool Sneaker Finds This Week


Welcome to our first slow week of the year! More often than not it feels like dope sneaker drops happen on a near constant basis, but every once in a while there is a lull that allows our wallets to breathe a grateful sigh of relief. Rather than skip the week, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to put dope sneaker-related stuff on your radar and to highlight some kicks that had the unfortunate luck of releasing in a more competitive week and just missed our top five.

Overall, we’ve got a bit of a random grab bag — think of it as a special edition of your weekly sneaker article. It should be mentioned that despite it being slow, this week still has one notable drop in the new Yeezy 700 Inertias, so make sure you don’t sleep on them if you’ve been living for Ye’s sneaker line. Without further ado, here is our inaugural “SNX — The Director’s Cut” or… “The Special Edition”?

Eh, call it whatever you want, we aren’t letting a wack release week slow us down.