The Best New Streetwear And Sneaker Launches — Starring A Travis Scott Surprise Drop

Welcome to SNX DLX, a new and expanded version of our weekly sneaker column. Instead of sacrificing careful curation for a long list of every sneaker hitting the market, we’ve decided to expand the scope of SNX to include the best new apparel collections and any other drops you need to know about.

For now, we’re still feeling out how best to put together SNX DLX — so expect some changes to the format over the next few weeks. In terms of what’s dropping this week, it’s looking rather expensive, so don’t get too excited. Two Yeezy drops, a Supreme Nike Collaboration, and a fresh apparel drop from Palace will have any streetwear aficionado’s bank account in full crisis mode.

Let’s get into it. Here are all the best sneaker and clothing drops out this week.