The Coolest Supreme Collaborations In The Brand’s History

best supreme collaborations

Supreme has a cult following. Or whatever is more frenetic and impassioned than a cult following. Their fans don’t just drink the Koolaid, they run an IV drip of the stuff.

What began as a skate brand has now lost some of its skater focus. In the process, the company has become the preferred gear for people of any counterculture and has wedged its way into the mainstream. People go crazy for the red block letter logos, and every time there’s a Supreme pop-up shop or a new collection drops (which is weekly), lines are out the door and wrapped around the block as urban fashionistas await the chance to buy the newest hotness hitting the streets.

Celebrities and your favorite local “it people” are always rocking the brand’s items, which range from shirts and pants to keychains and luggage to catcher’s masks and umbrellas. It’s not just about the one company, either — because Supreme has some of the freshest collabs with other brands, whether they be other fashion lines or famous movies. Over the past 24 years, the fashion line has synced with way more than 50 brands, celebrities, and other fashion lines, but there are 50 that warrant a special place on the list of the best Supreme collabs of all time.

While much of the older merchandise on this list is either impossible to find or in the hands of collectors, you can always go check them out at the unofficial Supreme archive site, Supreme Museum. To make it easier to follow the company’s evolution, we’ll list them in chronological order by the year they dropped and you can decide which era you like best.

Supreme x Taxi Driver Tee, 1994


One of the first Supreme tees to be released in 1994, the Taxi Driver tee features a screenshot from the movie Taxi Driver starring Robert DeNiro. A simplistic start for the then-new line, the tee came in eight different colors.

Supreme x Vans Old Skool, 1997


The Supreme x Vans Old Skool was one of the first official Supreme collaborations and printed with the tan camo — the preferred print of the later ’90s, a la every rapper ever. The style of shoe set well with both hip-hop heads and skaters.

Shop the Supreme x Vans collection at aftermarket sites like Flight Club.

Supreme x BAPE Box Logo Tee, 1998

Supreme would come to collaborate with BAPE many more times in the years to come, but here is the inception point. The Supreme X BAPE Box Logo Tee was simple — to reflect both brands’ humble beginnings, seeing as how BAPE was also a baby brand that got its start in 1993.

Supreme x Brooklyn Machine Works, 1998

We believe it was Plato who once said, “Your brand isn’t dope unless you have a bicycle with its name printed on it.” While that quote might be fabricated, the fact that Supreme did a collab with Brooklyn Machine Works to create a bike (that Eric Clapton allegedly bought one of) is a fact.

Only 36 were released to the public, and for its uniqueness alone, it has to be one of the coolest iterations of any fashion brand’s merch.

Supreme x Keith Haring, 1998

In a move that not only connected Supreme with another brand but also synced hip-hop culture and skater culture, Supreme’s Keith Haring collection featured the artist’s well-known “Dog” piece in his graffiti style.

Supreme x DC Shoes, 1999

Never forgetting its skate brand roots, Supreme teamed up with DC Shoes in 1999 for another skate shoe release, this time with DC Shoes instead of Vans. This was definitely one #fortheculture, as skater culture was coming to the forefront and becoming more mainstream in the early 2000s.

Supreme x Gucci Sticker and Box Logo Tee, 2000

Supreme entered the new millennium in style with a Gucci-inspired box logo tee and sticker. Gucci, who is often protective of their brand and logo, didn’t mind so much, probably because of Supreme’s up and coming popularity for making cool collabs.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Sticker and Box Logo Tee, 2000

In a move that turned out to not so much be a collaboration, Supreme featured the Louis Vuitton pattern on a sticker and box logo tee, just like the Gucci pattern. Louis Vuitton was not as excited as Gucci was, and the tees and stickers were pulled from shelves — making this Supreme design much more rare to get a hold of.

Supreme x KAWS, 2001


Artist KAWS is known for his character, “Companion,” which seems to be the character of choice for many who choose to feature his artwork.

The KAWS’ x Supreme collaboration comes in 150 editions and sells for $6,000 these days.

Supreme x 360 Toys, 2002

Supreme joined the collectibles bandwagon of the early 2000s with a toy. The first toy released by Supreme was handpicked by the company — as the character, “Camacho,” had been featured on a Supreme tee. The furry monster was inspired by an ex-Supreme employee who was known for regularly flipping people the middle finger.

Supreme x Nike Dunk Low SB, 2002

Ironically, after releasing its own shirt that read F*ck Nike (except without the asterisk), Supreme came up with the first of many Nike collaborations in 2002. The brand’s initial shirt was probably a comment on the establishment and big box brands, but as it became one, itself, the collaboration just seemed natural.

Supreme x Nike Dunk High Pro SB, 2003

Supreme doubled down on its Nike collabs with a 2003 release of the Nike Dunk High Pro SB, which would become both a Supreme and sneakerhead must-have.

Supreme x Martha Cooper, 2004

Photojournalist Martha Cooper, notable for her work covering street scenes and graffiti in the ’70s and ’80s, hooked up with Supreme to tell the story of the streets of New York with a series of longsleeves that feature everyday people and places from The Big Apple.

Supreme x Public Enemy, 2006


The Supreme x Public Enemy collaboration is dope because that’s what happens when two dope logos collide. Each article of clothing either featured the group’s photos, the target icon, or the phrase “The Government’s Responsible,” in keeping with the group’s social and political commentary.

Supreme x Timberland, 2006


Timberland already has a knack for shapeshifting — turning itself from a work boot to hip-hop staple, and its collaboration with Supreme just added another layer to its variability.

While you probably should not try to skate in them, these Timbos on the toes are sure to go with any of your other Supreme gear.

Supreme x Jeff Koons, 2006


It’s hard not to find a good collaboration with an artist, because they lend themselves to beautiful pieces. The Jeff Koons skate deck is proof, with three different variations for skaters or collectors to choose from.

Supreme x Richard Prince, 2007

This collab is kind of ironic (perhaps intentionally?), as artist Richard Prince is often criticized for taking other people’s artwork and putting his own spin on it, a critique that’s been made about Supreme, too.

Supreme x The North Face, 2007


Fashion meets function yet again with this Supreme x The North Face collection. The line was released exclusively for Supreme. Once more, Supreme branched out to all of its fans, this time, the nature lovers and adventurers (and those still dwelling in the 90s-era “parka rap” past.).

Supreme x Oakley, 2007


Supreme fans were treated to four colorways for the Supreme Oakley collection, including a carrying case and strap. One iteration carried the classic Oakleys Frogskin pattern.

Supreme x Joe Cool, 2007


You knew who Joe Cool is, you just didn’t know you knew who Joe Cool is. The artist famous for Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” album cover, Cool did a collab with Supreme that featured a remake of the classic dogs playing poker photo with his style of dog, reminiscent of Snoop’s album cover. Called the “Supreme Supper,” it mimicked Leonardo di Vinci’s famous painting.

Supreme x Ralph Bakshi, 2008

Supreme never strays from controversy, and collaborating with artist Ralph Bakshi to create a longsleeve based off of his film Coonskin — a 1975 American live action/animated crime film written about an African American rabbit, fox, and bear who rise to the top of the organized crime racket in Harlem (a satirical take on live action Blaxploitation films) was no different.

Supreme x Vans Half Cab/Era, 2009


Supreme has tons of great crossovers but always manages to circle back home to its skater routes. This Supreme x Vans collaboration was a fun return, with two styles and four colorways of each release.

Supreme x Budweiser, 2009


Beer bros got their fill of Supreme merch with the Supreme x Budweiser collection that dropped for Spring/Summer 2009, just in time for them to sit outside and have a cold one in style.

Supreme x The Clash, 2010


Supreme’s collab with this band was definitely not a clash of styles nor colors, as the band, The Clash, stood for everything Supreme stands for: playing by your own rules and making art out of any situation.

Supreme x Popeye, 2010


Supreme’s collaborations are always edgy and dope — with a dash of adorable every time a cartoon character is featured. The case is no different with Supreme x Popeye, where our marine hero is featured in four different iterations.

Supreme x Playboy, 2011

No matter how you feel about the mansion, the late Hef, or the platform, that little bunny logo is just so darn dope. Supreme recognized this fact and released several collaborations with Hef’s empire, making for some fresh gear for admirers of either brand.

Supreme x Antihero, 2011

Antihero is known for its takes on soda can labels, and this Coke label collab with Supreme is a pretty neat gift to get with decks that were ordered during its release, both cool and functional to disguise beer cans being brought into places that might not have otherwise welcomed them.

Supreme x Vans Half-Cab, 2011

Ever try and patch something together with duct tape to avoid having to buy another one? The 2012 Supreme x Vans Half Cab saves you the time by adding it as an accent at the top of both shoes in honor of pro skater Steve Caballero who, in 1991, began to see a lot of people cutting the upper half of the shoe off to create a lower version of the Vans Caballero, his namesake. In order to stop loose material from rubbing their ankles raw, they would duct tape the cut ankle of the shoe, which Steve actually began to do himself.

Only 20 pairs were released — the rest of us have to mimic the style by buying a regular pair and doing the work ourselves.

Supreme x Japan Red Cross Society, 2011


This tee deserves a mention just because Supreme is so awesome for creating a shirt to benefit victims of the 2011 tsunami in Japan. 100% of the proceeds with to the Japan Red Cross Society to get victims back up on their feet.

Supreme x Vans MC, 2012


2012 saw yet another Vans collection, with a new version of the MC in four colorways made exclusively for Supreme. All colorways featured suede uppers, and reflective tongues.

Supreme x Vans x Campbell’s, 2012


The Supreme x Vans x Campbell’s collaboration is a well-known favorite. The ménage à trois of dope logos was perfect for a collection of hats, shoes, and shirts. They’re just plain fun without sparking any controversy or making any particular statements.

Supreme x Rawlings, 2012

In yet another “off the beaten fashion path” drop, Supreme lobbed a fastball by introducing a baseball glove with both logos on the side. This is only one of many sports-centered Supreme drops from the brand.

Supreme x Stax Records, 2012


Is the Supreme x Stax Records collaboration dope? Daaaaammmnnn right. The record label that gave us the theme to Shaft lent itself to a Supreme collection for all of today’s urban gear fans who got hot, buttered soul.

Supreme x Comme des Garçons SHIRT, 2013


When you have a logo like Supreme’s, you don’t really jack with it…unless Comme des Garcons is involved. This collab features some neat patterns with the Supreme logo patched on in a mirror image, just to switch things up.

Supreme x Clarks, 2013


Clarks can tend to lack a little spunk, but the collab it did with Supreme was full of flavor. Made of premium nubuck suede, the desert boots all featured a tonal map pattern on the uppers with leather soles.

Supreme x Rolex Submariner, 2013

This super classy combo is an example of one of the reasons people love Supreme so much – just when you thought it was a lot of high-end urban gear, it turns around and gives you a Rolex collaboration as a nod to the label’s flexibility.

Supreme x Jean-Michel Basquiat, 2013


Jean-Michel Basquiat is almost an embodiment of social commentary in the form of art, and just about every urban gear brand has at least attempted to create a line honoring his genius. So it’s no surprise that in 2013, Supreme created a collection to honor the fallen artist, mimicking his street style of writing and common phrases he used.

Supreme x The North Face, 2014


The North Face came back full force in 2014 with waterproof day jackets and matching backpacks for the world travelers and adventurers, some featuring entire maps of the world in case, you know, their wearers get lost or something.

Supreme x Brooks Brothers, 2014


Keeping it business in the front, party on the inner linings, the Supreme x Brooks Brothers collaboration was one for all the professional skater bois on the scene, or those who just like to be a little more formal every now and then.

Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 High, 2014


Working its way up to the Jordans, Supreme dropped three colorways of the Nike Air Force 1’s with a leather embossed logo. The shiny shoes were stunners and are now collector’s items as they weren’t even released in Supreme’s New York store.

Supreme x Nike Air Jordan 5, 2015


GOAT + GOAT? Stop it. This is the collab that needs no explanation. It’s Jordan + Supreme in multiple colorways. Are you shocked to learn that these are tough to find?

Shop the Supreme x Nike collection at aftermarket sites like Flight Club.

Supreme x NY Yankees x ’47 Brand, 2015

Supreme recognized its sports fans with this Yankees/’47 Brand collab — giving them a way to root for the home team and still keep it spicy and original.

Supreme x Thrasher, 2015


The small Supreme x Thrasher collection fused two iconic skateboarding brands for jackets, tees, and skate shorts that were either simply logo’d or logo’d out, depending on your particular level of fandom.

Supreme x White Castle, 2015

Seems weird, right? Not if you recognize the level of cultish fandom that White Castle has on the east coast. Remember there’s a whole movie about a trip there. This three way found its audience: Supreme fans who skate and are down to mow some burgers.

Supreme x Metropolitan Transit Authority, 2017

The first drop in a year that would turn out to have a ton of super dope collaborations, Supreme heads went wild for the Supreme MTA Metro Card that was first released online, then released for sale at metro stations. As always, the card was stylish and fully functional.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton, 2017


In an actual Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration, this collection was pretty massive, featuring two of the most arguably obnoxious logos plastered all over every article of clothing it offered. We love every bit of it.

Supreme x Michael Jackson, 2017


The greatest entertainer of all time, Michael Jackson, will live on in his very own posthumous Supreme line. All of the gear, including a skate deck, features the iconic photo of MJ from his “Billie Jean” video, one of the most visually advanced of its time.

Supreme x Coleman CT200U Mini Bike, 2017

Supreme went from a regular bike to a cute little mini bike in another iteration of its shockingly dope, fully functional yet unconventional releases with the Coleman CT200U collaboration.

Supreme x Rap-A-Lot Records, 2017


Biggie said it best: “I’m not from Houston but I rap a lot,” which is probably a sentiment many Geto Boys feel. To celebrate the legacy of the Third Coast label and one of its biggest acts, Supreme dropped a pillow with the iconic photo of the group with Bushwick Bill in the hospital after his then-girlfriend shot him in the eye after a drunken argument. The photo was used as the cover of their next album, “We Can’t Be Stopped.” The collection also features sweatshirts, satin club jackets with the Rap-A-Lot logo, and some pretty fresh 5-panel hats, one of which comes in purple…because Houston.

Supreme x Scarface, 2017


This is, hands down, one of the dopest Supreme creations ever, collaboration or not. The 2017 Scarface honored the classic movie with quotes, photos, and original imagery from the film — chronicling Tony Montana’s rise and fall as well as creating collectors’ items for film lovers and fashionistas alike.

The true heads out there are sure to say we forgot something….and we probably did. Tell us what we left off in the comments section (nicely, please) and we’ll look into it ASAP.

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