The Coolest Supreme Collaborations In The Brand’s History

best supreme collaborations

Supreme has a cult following. Or whatever is more frenetic and impassioned than a cult following. Their fans don’t just drink the Koolaid, they run an IV drip of the stuff.

What began as a skate brand has now lost some of its skater focus. In the process, the company has become the preferred gear for people of any counterculture and has wedged its way into the mainstream. People go crazy for the red block letter logos, and every time there’s a Supreme pop-up shop or a new collection drops (which is weekly), lines are out the door and wrapped around the block as urban fashionistas await the chance to buy the newest hotness hitting the streets.

Celebrities and your favorite local “it people” are always rocking the brand’s items, which range from shirts and pants to keychains and luggage to catcher’s masks and umbrellas. It’s not just about the one company, either — because Supreme has some of the freshest collabs with other brands, whether they be other fashion lines or famous movies. Over the past 24 years, the fashion line has synced with way more than 50 brands, celebrities, and other fashion lines, but there are 50 that warrant a special place on the list of the best Supreme collabs of all time.

While much of the older merchandise on this list is either impossible to find or in the hands of collectors, you can always go check them out at the unofficial Supreme archive site, Supreme Museum. To make it easier to follow the company’s evolution, we’ll list them in chronological order by the year they dropped and you can decide which era you like best.

Supreme x Taxi Driver Tee, 1994


One of the first Supreme tees to be released in 1994, the Taxi Driver tee features a screenshot from the movie Taxi Driver starring Robert DeNiro. A simplistic start for the then-new line, the tee came in eight different colors.

Supreme x Vans Old Skool, 1997


The Supreme x Vans Old Skool was one of the first official Supreme collaborations and printed with the tan camo — the preferred print of the later ’90s, a la every rapper ever. The style of shoe set well with both hip-hop heads and skaters.

Supreme x BAPE Box Logo Tee, 1998

Supreme would come to collaborate with BAPE many more times in the years to come, but here is the inception point. The Supreme X BAPE Box Logo Tee was simple — to reflect both brands’ humble beginnings, seeing as how BAPE was also a baby brand that got its start in 1993.

Supreme x Brooklyn Machine Works, 1998