Survive And Thrive On Your Christmas Road Trip With This App Toolkit

On Five Apps, we’ve talked about getting on the road before, both for travel and for work. But with the holidays on the way, Americans will be getting on the road for the longest trip they take all year behind the wheel. So, in a bit of a change of pace, we’re helping you put together an app toolkit to find your way, keep from getting stranded, solve problems if you do, and keep the Christmas spirit all the way to wherever you may celebrate.


Recommended Apps: Google Maps and Waze

When you’re on the road, it helps to have a map and to know traffic. So if you’re stuck traveling to a new place, do yourself a favor and download the offline version of a map of the area on Google Maps, and use Waze to navigate unfamiliar traffic patterns.


Recommended App: Gas Buddy

Gas prices are always rough in the winter, and your heater will eat through more fossil fuels than you’d prefer. So, use Gas Buddy to track prices and find stations, so you get gassed up and never wind up stranded.


Recommended Apps: Yelp and Trip

Yelp will help you find a nice restaurant in the strange new city your family insisted on going to for the holidays, while Trip will help you track down food on the road or near your hotel.

Breakdowns And Repairs

Recommended App: Honk

Honk is the Uber of tow trucks; just flip open the app and call in a truck. Especially if you don’t have AAA, it’s a handy tool that will ensure any breakdowns are temporary.

Christmas Spirit

Recommended Apps: Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play

Finally, remember that it’s supposed to be fun. Download some music that keeps you in the Christmas spirit, or perhaps a podcast about Christmas movies. Get some books that are season appropriate, however you celebrate. And don’t forget to bring an aux cable, just in case.

Any apps you use to make the Christmas road trip more fun? Let us know in the comments!