The SpotMini Robot Dog Has Some Cheeky Things To Say In A Re-Dubbed Video

(NSFW audio)

Boston Dynamics is seemingly always introducing us to new and interesting robots, whether it’s the terrifying Big Dog or Spot or the slightly less terrifying (but still untrustworthy, clearly) Atlas. Every time Boston Dynamics releases new footage of one of these robots, we patiently await the arrival of the redubbed version of the video featuring said robot dropping F-bombs like some kind of vocabulary genius.

Just as the video of Atlas became a story of a robot who loathes his coworkers (especially Kevin), the story of SpotMini has now been updated with new audio. Whereas the original video showed SpotMini navigating about the house and helpfully tidying up, the updated version by British comedian Vagabonds imagines SpotMini as a brash, cheeky chav preparing for a date with Stacey, rehearsing having to challenge Stacey’s ex-boyfriend to a row, and threatening to move out of his mum’s house every time she makes him do the washing up. (Be sure to stay to the very end after what seems like the credits for probably the funniest scene.)

One thing is for sure, this bloke is going to embarrass himself in front of Stacey.

Way to drop a clanger, Spot.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)