Cookie Monster And Siri Pair Up As Baking Buds In This New iPhone 6s Ad

It’s important to note that when Sesame Street‘s most noteworthy biscuit enthusiast has a craving for his circular vice, he growls “ME WANT COOKIE” rather than “ME WANT TO WAIT QUIETLY FOR COOKIE” in expressing himself. Well, provided he’s not learning a lesson about manners or anything like that.

The weight of impatience on Cookie Monster is put on full display in a super cute new Apple ad where the blue furry guy pairs up with Siri to bake some cookies. Cookie Monster uses the program on his iPhone 6s to aid in his culinary pursuits with Siri setting the timer to 14 minutes and we watch as our adorably anxious cook waits for his treat to be ready. It’s the sort of thing that pairs well with your own cookies if you have some about.

Soundtracked by Jim Croce’s “Time In a Bottle,” our hopeful chef tries to make peace with the clock via his “waiting playlist” and proves to be a more relatable chef than Gordon Ramsey or Nigella Lawson. JUST BAKE, YOU STUPID COOKIES! BAKE! Mind you, Cookie Monster’s more prone to get nuts than we might, but you can’t help but feel this monster’s pain while smiling a bit too because it’s so goshdarn adorable.