Disney Wants You To Play To Win Delightful Disney Emojis

Few things can be used to describe the digital age better than emojis can. Emojis are everywhere, with people finding creative uses for them other than simply sending friends a poop emoji when they are starting to be obnoxious. Brands and celebrities have been trying to take advantage of the emoji craze for a while now, with tons of celebrities and companies releasing their own, custom emoji apps that turn those regular emojis into darling little marketing images all in the name of fun.

So of course it makes sense that Disney gets into the fray with their own custom emojis. Who hasn’t wanted to end an argument with the perfect Frozen emoji to tell that other person to just let it go? According to Mashable, Disney is releasing a new game called Disney Emoji Blitz that will force you to earn your emoji, because the best emoji require hard work.

Disney Emoji Blitz is a mix-and-match style game that users will most likely eat up, the core being a matching game where matching up the same emoji in a row a number of times will then unlock them for your personal emoji collection. What you choose to do with these delightful little Disney emojis afterwards is entirely up to you, just like your friends will probably need the app installed to see them as well.

Parents everywhere are furrowing their brow at the prospect of having to mix-and-match the right emoji while their child cries as they unlock a Sebastian emoji instead of Nemo, but will brave these waters anyway for some peace and quiet.

(via Mashable)

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