The Best Documentaries About Innovators In STEM

05.01.17 11 months ago


Uproxx knows that science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines are driving the future of this planet forward. Every day, we see new ideas, fresh innovations, and bold trailblazers in these fields. Follow us this month as we highlight how STEM is shaping the culture of NOW.

Throughout history, there are so many incredible Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) innovators whose lives we don’t even know about. For instance, if you ask most people who first dreamed up the radio, they’ll tell you it was Guglielmo Marconi — even though it was proven in court that Nikola Tesla deserved the credit. Ask your friends about who invented the answering machine or who holds the record for the most mathematical papers and you’ll probably only get blank stares in return.

The fact is, many of our greatest warriors of STEM made their brilliant advancements in quiet obscurity. Luckily, a new generation of historians and documentarians have begun to seek out these stories — profiling the lives, inventions, and minds of the greatest STEM thinkers in history.

The documentaries below share stories of innovation and progress. Each one centers on a person or group of people who contributed to our understanding of the universe, invented items we use every day, and solved real-world problems. Learning about their lives is as fascinating as it is informative.

Particle Fever (2013)

This fascinating documentary follows six brilliant scientists during the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, which was one of the biggest and most expensive experiments in history. You get to watch as they attempt to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang and tackle one of the biggest mysteries in science: why do we exist and how did we get here?

Particle Fever is smart and compelling without being too dense. You’ll get wrapped up in the gripping excitement as you root for the scientists who are working so hard to widen our understanding of the Universe.

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