‘Westworld’s’ Co-Creator Cut An Inspiring Trailer For ‘The Next Part Of Humanity’ Featuring SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Launch


SXSW’s Westworld panel got a surprise treat from the HBO show’s co-creator Jonah Nolan, who debuted a trailer featuring SpaceX’s recent Falcon Heavy launch set to David Bowie’s “Life on Mars.” Rather than just be another extremely expensive car commercial, Nolan said: “the only way I know how to share [the Falcon Heavy launch] is a trailer. It’s not for TV or a movie, it’s for the next part of the human story.” (h/t Mashable)

It’s impossible not to feel the intertwined images and lyrics sung by Bowie. As the Falcon Heavy’s boosters peel off, the Thin White Duke sings “look at those cavemen go,” and for a second, we’re reminded that there’s so much more to see and so much more to do.

Elon Musk explained why Bowie’s classic track from Heroes accompanied the historic actions on-screen. It’s a technological feat never seen before, set to the music of an icon and one of humanity’s most creative forces.

The Falcon Heavy was not only able to send that Tesla Roadster into the far reaches of space, it’s able to lift twice that of the next closest vehicle and at one-third of the cost. You can see the center core crash coming back down to earth, but the other two boosters land in an astonishing feat of science, made by humans, for humans.

(Via Mashable)