Google People Erases December From Human History

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In Google’s recent update to Android, 4.2, the Google People app was overhauled. It’s simpler, more intuitive, and has decided everybody with a December birthday is not worth knowing. Or maybe it’s those November jerks, depending on which Google device you’re using.

In an amusing if mildly annoying error, Google People, the app that lets you store your friends and basically is a glorified birthday reminder, seems to be missing a month:

The bug appears contained to the People app and does not affect Android’s Calendar app. And on a Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.2, both of whose People apps failed to show November, the utility to set the system date showed December correctly, too.

Reports that Heat Miser was seen running away from Mountain View giggling remain unconfirmed.

Google has yet to weigh in on their fascist plot to erase the holidays, but it’s probably just an amusing QA error that will quickly be rectified.

Either that or somebody at Google has a genuinely miserable family and wishes that November and December could somehow be either skipped or erased. Sorry, anonymous Google type, you’ll just have to do what the rest of us do to get through the holidays: Drink early, heavily, and often.

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