Here Are A Few Of The New Emoji Coming To Android Today

Depending on who you ask, emoji are either useful shorthand for when you’re busy or the destruction of all written communication as we know it, because email, instant messaging and Facebook couldn’t do that. And Android users are about to get a pile of new ones. iOS users and Windows 10 users already got some of these, but Android is now caught up, although some hardware companies make their own emoji and that might leave you waiting a bit longer. That said, many are welcome, a few are weird, and some are outright baffling. Below, we offer a perspective on some of them.

Okay, so where’s my low-fat soy quinoa egg white scramble emoji, because clearly every food item is going to wind up getting a simple pictogram?

Wouldn’t it be faster to just type “*”?

Finally, the subtleties of in-person body language come to texting.

In case you were worried emoji just weren’t specific enough, here’s one for all those times you tell your friends about abandoned houses.

And finally, just in case you hadn’t firmly established you were living in the future by using a complex device to text simple pictures to your friends as a form of communication. These will be added to Android with the Marshmallow update, arriving today.

(Via The Verge)

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