The New Guinness World Record For Hoverboard Flight Will Seriously Impress You

There have been a lot of cool technologies in science fiction that have caught our collective attention and simply never let go. While the dreamers of the world imagine a Stark Trek or Star Wars-like hyperdrive taking us to the distant stars, or stuff like Mass Effect‘s medi-gel healing any and all wounds with ease, one of the technologies that has really left everyone virtually obsessed has been hoverboards from Back to the Future. Hoverboards are the one thing that people felt was attainable and yet here we are, living in a world where everyone isn’t zipping around on hoverboards.

Sure, we’ve seen attempts at hoverboards, such as the things that are sold in stores right now but aren’t actually hoverboards. Don’t get me wrong, those things have had their share of fine moments, such as this historical moment where Mike Tyson wiped out on one, but they aren’t hoverboards. But, the good news is that we’re getting closer and closer to such a technology. There’s something called the Flyboard Air and, according to Fox LA, the inventor has set a new Guinness World record. Frank Zapata took his invention for another spin in France this weekend and flew it over 7,388 feet, smashing his previous record of 905 feet.

So no, we don’t have hoverboards yet, but this guy does, and he seems to be making some serious progress in making them actually function like everyone has always dreamed that they would.

(Via Fox LA)