How Can You Remove Default Apps From Your iPhone?

01.18.16 2 years ago 3 Comments
how to remove default apps

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There is nothing more annoying than paying a lot of money for a device then discovering it comes preloaded with crap you’ll never use. Sure, some of the iPhone’s apps are useful, but when was the last time you opened Tips or Find My Friends? Now it appears that Apple is finally letting iPhone users clean the crap off their phones.

Right now, it’s part of the Apple developer program, which you’ll need to pay $99 to join. That said, you’ll also need to put your iPhone into Supervised mode, which will wipe your phone, so think carefully before you try this, and back everything up. You’ll need to join the program, download the beta of iOS 9.3 with Software Update, which you’ll find under Settings in the General submenu, and update your phone. Once the beta OS is working, download the beta of Apple Configurator 2.2, create a configuration profile, and use these commands found by Redditor bfodder to get rid of the apps you don’t want.

If all that is a little costly and elaborate for you, you could also try the “jiggle trick.” Despite what it sounds like, it’s not dirty and relatively simple. Put the apps you don’t want in a folder, hold down on one until it jiggles, and then move it as if you were taking it to the next page of the folder. Once the page turns, hold the app in place and press the home button at the same time. This only works until you shut off your iPhone, however. Here’s a video to demonstrate:

Or, if even that is too much work, just wait for the next update of iOS, which appears to be making this feature permanent and accessible to consumers. Either way, though, it’ll be nice to free up some real estate for the important apps.

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