You’ll Be Able To Stream Netflix On Even More Airlines Starting In 2018


As amazing as it is to be flying through the atmosphere in a giant metal tube, air travel can be a rather tedious endeavor. Between the tight seating, the fact that there always seems to be a problem with the air conditioning, and the presence of screaming babies, it’s pretty rare to have a flight that is truly comfortable. Well, Netflix is launching a new initiative that will at least allow you to binge your favorite shows as you’re flying coast to coast.

Netflix will use their mobile device encoding technology to make Netflix accessible for air travelers without completely choking often unreliable in-flight wifi. According to Engadget, users won’t be able to use the 4K HDR stream like at home, but the available service could compare with the 250Kbps of “DVD quality.” At this point, the major question is how they’ll be able to provide access to an entire plane full of people, but the allure of the binge-watch is certainly intriguing, to say the least.

At this point, no official airline partners have been named, but as with most things with the streaming behemoth, there’s no way that this doesn’t include the major organizations. The rollout is supposed to begin in 2018, so adjust your travel schedule accordingly.

(Via Engadget)