This ‘Breakfast Machine’ Robot Sums Up How We All Feel About Work On Fridays

There are many questionable robotic inventions featured on these here internets, from a robot that feeds tomatoes to runners to a robot that endlessly swipes right on Tinder (perhaps useful) to a handjob robot (definitely useful) to a robot that cheats at rock paper scissors. So here is another one of debatable utility.

This robot, created by Simone Giertz, pours cereal and coconut milk into a cereal bowl, and by “pours cereal and coconut milk into a cereal bowl” we mean “apathetically tosses an open box and slapdashedly dumps milk near a cereal bowl and are you happy now, human? Is this what you wanted? Can I go back to humping the toaster now? Sheesh.”

No, really, look how fresh out of f*cks this robot is:

Helpful. So why does this even exist? As Giertz explains, “I was up for the challenge, because the best way to avoid real problems is to deal with fake ones.” In the end, she gave her robotic butler a rating of 4/10 stars. Which is generous, considering the main component costs $339, but we suppose it could be reprogrammed to do other tasks around the house with equal disinterest. So it’s got that going for it, which is nice.

Check out the full build over at Motherboard.