New iPhone 7 Users Are Being Plagued By A Mysterious Hissing Noise Inside Their Phones

Apple’s having a pretty rough month if you look past the fact that they’re still Apple.

After debuting the new iPhone 7 to somewhat mixed reviews from users — we’re still not sure about this whole missing head jack thing — and an iOS 10 update filled with bugs, now its latest phone model is being accused of “talking back” to users.

A handful of iPhone 7 owners report “hissing” sounds coming from inside their phone when the device is under intense strain. This quirk isn’t limiting functionality but it’s is pretty terrifying. Like, imagine you were playing a game of Candy Crush and all of a sudden your phone started speaking in Parseltongue and hissing. Pretty scary.

Thankfully, the glitch doesn’t affect all iPhone 7 users so it appears to be a manufacturing error rather than a design flaw but if you’re one of the unlucky few affected, you might be waiting a while for a replacement phone from Apple. Apparently, demand for the new iPhone is so high that supplies right now are limited.

This hasn’t been a good week for smartphones is general. Not only has Apple had to contend with buggy updates and issues with the iPhone 7, Samsung’s also in the doghouse thanks to their explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7. The tech company is facing its first lawsuit over the device after reports that the phones battery is a serious fire hazard — it’s been known to start house fires.

Compare that with a hissing noise and we’ll take the iPhone 7’s issues any day. Or maybe, it’s time to break out an older model. Blackberry, this is your chance for a comeback.

(Via Engadget)