‘Jon Glaser Loves Gear’ Looks Like ‘Delocated’ Meets The Sharper Image In Its First Trailer

Jon Glaser has a lengthy comedic résumé; he’s the mind behind Delocated and Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter, although Parks and Rec fans know him best as Councilman Jamm. And now he’s taking on cheesy tech shows in Jon Glaser Loves Gear, a mix of actual technology and sketch comedy.

It starts off in a seemingly conventional manner: Quick cuts of our host doing cool things and looking at cool stuff. Then comes the bit where you learn he has to cast his wife on the show since she wants nothing to do with it, and the visit to the technologically advanced sex shop. And also “Geari,” a Siri knockoff which apparently will serve as his enabler whenever he decides to spend far too much on something he’ll never use.

Glaser’s specialty as a comedian has been mixing real world ideas with goofy comedy and it looks like he’s applying that to the field of consumer tech, in all its ridiculousness over-engineered, overly specific glory. We live in a world where there are people trying to “disrupt” the cup industry, and if there’s anything they need, it’s a naked comedian reminding them to see the forest for the trees. Glaser will whip out his gear Oct. 26 on TruTV.