This Guy Manages To Get ‘Flappy Bird’ To Play On His Electronic Cigarette

Bro, do you even vape? Oh, so you do vape, but did you ever have the urge to play a smartphone game on your vape pen? In what we’re already calling the most useless hack of 2016, a guy from Poland found a way to play Flappy Bird directly on a vape pen. Balazs Bank purchased a Vic-VTC Mini e-cigarette, updated the firmware and with some tech know-how, he was able to play the addictive game right on his vape.

Flappy Bird is a game with some killer 8-bit retro graphics, but seeing them on a vape pen brings back some sweet memories of playing Snake on an old Nokia phone. As much as we want to make fun of this dude for developing what is one of the most ridiculous tech combos in recent memory, Flappy Bird looks pretty damn good on a vape pen!

The game is notoriously difficult, so given the screen size on the vape pen, we’re guessing it’s even more so while you’re sucking e-juice. Despite being a game popular in 2013, it seems that Flappy Bird has been back on the pop culture radar in the past few weeks. Another Flappy Bird fan combined the game with Super Mario World for Super Nintendo. We still can’t play Super Mario on a vape pen though.

(Via: New York Times)

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