No, The Coming Apple TV Will Not Let You Pick Only The Cable Channels You Want

The next product from Apple is apparently going to be a magic television. We know this because people won’t shut up about how magic this television will be, despite the fact it’s just going to be a well-designed monitor with an Apple TV rammed in it and a WiFi link to your iPad.

But among the more ridiculous rumors that have started circulating is the claim that Apple’s magic TV will let you choose only the cable channels you want to watch. Finally, the consumer gets an a la carte-style choice!

Except not.

For this to actually work, it would require the participation of cable channels, most of which only survive because they’re forced down your throat, and cable providers, who hate your Internet TV viewing habits and want to force you to pay ten bucks an episode to watch “Sex and the City” on demand.

Not that Apple isn’t capable of bringing an entire industry to its knees: as we’ve noted, they’ve done it before. But TV isn’t the music industry, and we’re pretty sure Apple doesn’t want to try.