This Design Studio Is Making A Horror Film Come To Life

Imagine if you could take a horror movie out of the theater or your living room and project it onto the world around you, bringing a whole new immersive feel to the experience.

Halloween is the perfect time to watch the kind of scary movies that make you sleep with the light on and scream whenever you see a shadow. But can those movies really take you to the limit when it comes to those thrilling scares if you know you’re watching from the safety of your couch?

Taking experiences to the limit — beyond what you ever thought possible — is a specialty of the creative minds at Optical Animal. Artists from the design studio are working with animators from Uproxx’s In Theory and composer Sweater Beats to project a new animated horror short onto the side of a nine story building, mixing jaw-dropping effects with music for an experience that on-lookers won’t soon forget.


Because the innovative studio is focused on telling this story in such a unique way and setting, they need to utilize powerful tech to pull it off without a hitch. Which is why Optical Animal uses a Falcon DRX Laptop powered (and supplied) by Intel, equipped with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor featuring Intel® Optane™ memory to help them smoothly run a myriad of tasks that allow them to project layers of color and movement onto a building in a way that captivates a crowd.

Watch the video above to get a taste of what the folks from Optical Animal are doing to make this exciting project a reality. Check out the other videos in our CRE8: Live The Process series to find out more about the creation of this immersive live experience.