This Boomerang Paper Airplane Is a Marvel Of Modern Engineering (Sort Of!)

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Paper airplanes are cool to mess around with and a pretty great method of goofing off for people under the age of 15. But this particular paper airplane stunt is insanity. Yes, you saw that correctly. That paper airplane got tossed and then turned right back around and returned to the thrower. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before as far as a normal paper airplane’s abilities, so if anyone reading this has seen something similar, by all means send some proof because the chances of this happening more than once are slim to none. This particular video comes from a student in Japan, who supposedly didn’t fold the plane any differently that a normal person would. One of his classmates just so happened to have a camera ready to take video of a random toss that turned into the coolest thing ever.

Not to be ignored is the fact that the plane stays in the air for forever in paper airplane time. The round trip flight lasted more than 20 seconds from toss to return, which is almost the more impressive part of the clip. It just floats and floats and floats and then faster than fast it zips back to home base. Unreal. Looks like students in Japan are beating out the United States in more ways than pure academics. All American school children better get cracking on seemingly scientifically impossible paper airplane construction, ASAP. The good news is so far the feat has only been accomplished once in a row, as proven by this sad fail of a throw that ends up with the airplane on a rooftop below.

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