Sean Parker Has Little Sympathy For The 99%

Since he joined Twitter recently, former Napster founder and Facebook president Sean Parker — portrayed memorably as a shady, conniving, hard-partying cokehead in The Social Network by Justin Timberlake — has not been shy about expressing his opinion on things. Among the things he’s shared his opinion on, when not distracted by drunken public screaming matches with Mark Zuckerberg: Occupy Wall Street.

“do we really believe that #OWS is anything other than an excuse for bored (possibly unemployed) people to have a great big party?”, Parker tweeted a couple of weeks ago, only to dial back his criticism a bit in followup responses to followers.

Now Parker’s kicking his OWS criticism up a notch, even going the extra mile to lament the horrors of being multi-billionaire.

Just imagine how rich Sean Parker would be if one could make money by being a petulant, clueless twat on Twitter?

Break it down for him, MC Moneypenny…

(HT: The Cutline)