Self-Driving Cars Can Be Confused By Defaced Street Signs To Disastrous Results

Entertainment Editor
08.07.17 5 Comments


Self-driving cars still have plenty of testing to be done until they’re safe for mass-release, and while most updates on the security of the futuristic vehicles revolve around preventing hacking, researchers at the University of Washington were successfully able to confuse the ability of autonomous cars to properly recognize and understand road signs. In short, a stop sign could be altered to make the car think it’s seeing a speed limit sign, and the results could be disastrous.

The researchers, who published their findings on arXiv, were able to pull off the disruption by putting stickers on road signs that fooled the image-detecting algorithms into thinking a right turn sign was a left turn sign, or an improper speed limit was put in place. Some of the stickers could be made to look like graffiti, tricking the car’s cameras:

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