Uber Has Fired Over 20 Employees During The Course Of Its Sexual Harassment Probe


Uber’s had a rough 2017, and one of its core scandals has been allegations of widespread sexism and sexual harrassment at the company, which former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was hired to investigate. It appears the results of Uber’s own internal investigation are starting to become known, as Uber is firing a bunch of employees.

Uber informed its 12,000 employees that at least twenty of them were being let go over their behavior uncovered during the probe, according to a report from Bloomberg. In addition 31 employees are in “counseling or training,” seven got a written warning, and 57 are still under some form of investigation — and that’s out of the 215 cases Uber uncovered in its own investigation. Holder’s work appears to still be ongoing, so this is likely just the first wave.

It’s not clear who was fired or how crucial they were to the company, but Uber has been firing or otherwise losing key executives since the beginning of 2017, most recently a controversial engineer on its self-driving car project. And the company’s legal woes have recently become more than an internal matter, as the Department of Justice has opened an investigation into Uber’s use of software to avoid regulators in markets that it wasn’t legally allowed to operate in.

(via Bloomberg)