Screwing With Somebody's Facebook Is Identity Theft Now, Apparently

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Let us ask you a question: Is posting the following on somebody’s Facebook wall worthy of jail time?

Hey, Face Bookers, [sic] I’m [S.], a junior in high school . . . I want to be a pediatrician but I’m not sure where I want to go to college. I have high standards for myself and plan to meet them all. I love to suck d*ck.

We know what you’re thinking: Yes, a high schooler posted that on some other high schooler’s Facebook wall. Annoying, but not atypical teenage behavior that’s easily resolved with a password change and a click of the “delete” button, right? Well, in California, posting that on somebody’s wall will officially get you jail time.

The convict in question, Rolando S., is undeniably a typical high school kid — he has a record for reckless driving when he zoomed up on three girls and stopped short in an attempt to scare them. On the other hand, the court’s argument is pretty weak: Rolando “willfully obtained the victim’s personal information” from a text message he didn’t ask for because he remembered it, and used it for an “unlawful purpose.”

Just further proof the Internet really is serious business, we guess, but we’re wondering what will happen now in Apple stores when somebody leaves their Facebook up.

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