Google Maps Is Letting People Play A Global ‘Where’s Waldo’ Game To Celebrate April Fool’s Day


If you’re looking for a fun April Fool’s Day prank that isn’t actually a prank and isn’t out to ruin your day, Google has delivered a version of Where’s Waldo using Google Maps. It’s one of those April Fool’s gags that doesn’t try take over the app, but merely offers a side step away from anything productive you might need. It also works on mobile or desktop, so feel free to waste that time at work since it will be available all week.

The game is simple but also provides you with more than just Waldo to find at different locales around the globe. His pals Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard are also along for whatever form of transportation Waldo takes, with the bad guy Odlaw in pursuit to do…something? Not sure why Waldo needs a bad version, especially when the world already has Waluigi right over at Nintendo able to fill the role for everybody. Just add Waluigi to everything and we’ll be just fine.

You can also get a small treat by asking Google “where’s Waldo” on your smartphone or home assistant. It just speaks to you about checking out Maps, but it is still a cheap little addition to something that’s pretty harmless. You can also gain badges by finding all of the characters, which is apparently a thing you can do in Google Maps and show off to your friends. It might seem worthless, but we suddenly want to collect every badge possible.

The game will be available for the rest of the week, so don’t feel like you have to leave your family behind if you enjoy that Easter company.

(Via The Verge / Lifehacker)