Netflix Adds 8 New TV Shows, Some Of Which You Might Actually Watch

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01.07.13 41 Comments

As per their strategy, Netflix has increasingly become less interested in carrying compelling movie titles (except for the occasional little-seen gem, like Sleepwalk with Me or Take This Waltz), and more eager to be your major streaming outlet for marathoning television shows and plopping your kid in front of the iPad for an hour while you get a few extra nods of sleep (Netflix recently announced the additions of Walt Disney Animation, Marvel, Pixar films, which will be exclusive to the service come 2016). They’ve now partnered with Warner Brothers to add eight new television shows to their roster, and while a few aren’t even worth your time, there are three solid additions if you haven’t seen them yet.

The good: West Wing (which was exclusive to Amazon Prime for a short window last year), Fringe, and Chuck. If you haven’t seen the West Wing already, well, I don’t even know what to think of you. What was it like living in a third-world country? Fringe is intermittently great and frustrating, but the perfect kind of series for marathon viewing on Netflix, while Chuck had a superb two seasons before drifting aimlessly through countless resets in the final three (though, it remained decent eye-candy television, thanks to Yvonne Strahovski).

The other titles aren’t as compelling: NBC’s Revolution (UGH), Political Animals (not very good, but watchable thanks to Carla Gugino), Longmire (a tidy little procedural that’s great for watching with your grandparents, but that doesn’t have nearly enough Katee Sackhoff) and 666 Park Avenue, which was recently cancelled by ABC (there will only be 13 episodes available, and it’s not likely a show that will gain a lot of traction on Netflix). The wild-card is The Following, one of the most anticipated shows of this month, but we’ll have to see how good it is before we know if it’ll be a good addition to the streaming service.

(Source: Deadline)

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