9 Actors Who Were On ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Before You Knew Who They Were

It’s a slow week for television, which means that I’ve finally started catching up on Season Four of Fringe. I was marveling during the earlier episodes about just how much I missed Joshua Jackson (who SPOILER had temporarily been erased from existence). I like the hell out of Anna Torv, and John Noble is an amazing actor, but Joshua Jackson really does give the show both its sly sense of humor and its heart. Anyway, that thought led to some nostalgia for Dawson’s Creek, which led to a inappropriate daydream about Busy Phillips, which reminded me of Seth Rogen’s cameo on Dawson’s Creek, which prompted this quickie list for the dead day after the Fourth of July.

Here’s 9 Actors Who Were On Dawson’s Creek Before You Knew Who They Were, otherwise known as “An Excuse to Post a Picture of Sarah Shahi’s Tongue.”

Jennifer Morisson

Ali Larter (the year before Varsity Blues)

Sarah Shahi

Seth Rogen (to be fair, with was after “Freaks and Geeks,” but no one saw “Freaks and Geeks” during its original run)

Jensen Ackles

Scott Foley

Michael Pitt

Jane Lynch

Tony Hale