NBC Thinks You Can Handle The Truth And Picked ‘A Few Good Men’ For 2017’s Live Show

NBC has found that its live television events are great ways to drum up viewers (even if they’re only signing on to hate watch), with each subsequent event being better than the last. Starting with The Sound of Music Live and following with Peter Pan Live and The Whiz Live, NBC has decided to move away from musicals. While Hairspray will be performed on the network later this year, Aaron Sorkin’s A Few Good Men will be the live event for 2017.

Sorkin’s show hit Broadway in 1989 and was adapted into an Oscar nominated feature film in 1992, starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, seems jazzed to be bringing the courtroom drama to the small screen:

“I am thrilled that Aaron Sorkin is coming back to NBC to adapt and produce a live broadcast of his electrifying play ‘A Few Good Men,’ which seems as timely as ever today.”

Sorkin seems ready to tackle the show that put him on the map again as well.

 “I’ve been incredibly impressed watching NBC resurrect live musical theater for television and I’m eager to team up with Craig and Neil to help bring live drama back as well.”

Honestly, if you haven’t yelled “You can’t handle the truth!” at someone or had it yelled at you, you may be living a too-secluded lifestyle. These NBC live shows are usually a little uneven when it comes to the performers involved, so it should be interesting to see their chosen actors ham it up on stage with Sorkin’s dialogue and some good old fashioned walk-and-talk.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)