America’s Next Top Hobo

This “news” report from Indianapolis’s Fox 59 is less than three minutes long, but it took me almost ten minutes to watch it. That’s because it’s so horrible that I had to stop it several times and walk away from the computer. Following the overnight success of Ted Williams (the golden-voiced hobo), a reporter takes to the streets to find homeless people with talent. And surprisingly, homeless people haven’t seen the viral video. Probably because, oh, I don’t know, THEY LIVE ON THE STREET.

As if that’s not bad enough, the reporter then makes the homeless people sing. It’s so awful that it doesn’t feel real. Honestly, I’ve made a career out of joking about how much I dislike the homeless, and even *I* find this morally bankrupt. It would have been more humane to film the reporter stabbing hobos. Not to mention a huge turn-on.

[Strike Gently via The Daily What]