‘Archer’ Is ‘Skyfall,’ ‘Skyfall’ Is ‘Archer’

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11.06.12 23 Comments

In “Training Day,” the second episode of FX’s Archer, a show that I miss more and more with every passing second of my life (it’s back in January), Cyril is teamed up with Archer for a mission. In his typical braggadocio way, Archer at one point exclaims, “I am the best at this, Rain Man! OK. I’m like…,” to which Cyril responds, “Who? James Bond?” Archer’s answer: “Well, I don’t like to invite that comparison, but yeah, basically.”

It was wise of creator Adam Reed, who once said that he “read a lot of the James Bond novels and he’s actually a bit misogynistic and racist…I wanted to focus on that,” to acknowledge Archer’s intentional similarities to 007 so early in the show’s run. But Redditor “SpaceyInvasion” has a HUNCH HUNCH (what? what?) that the writers of the newest Bond film, Skyfall, which comes out on Friday, are now the ones taking ideas from Archer.

“Secret Agent MIA “grief-banging”

“Black(-ish) female counterpart”

“Blond cybervillain”

“M is for matriarch”

If Bond has a cellphone with a butt-themed ringtone, I’ll have to excuse myself from the theater, out of fear of splooshing my pants from excitement in public. No one needs to see that.

(Via Reddit)

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