Ben Affleck Wins A Mountain Of Superhero Puppies In A Trivia Battle With Jimmy Fallon

03.25.16 2 years ago

The one thing The Tonight Show takes seriously is playing games. Jimmy Fallon has done everything from The Acting Game to Egg Roulette and The Whisper Challenge. But nothing — nothing — has the high stakes of Pup Quiz — Nothing.

In Pup Quiz, two competitors sit in fancy leather recliners (this is important because it’s not a regulated game of Pup Quiz if the competitors aren’t in fancy leather recliners). As they sit back, relaxed, the competitors are asked multiple “animal related” questions by a neutral party. The competitors then take turns answering said questions. If they get the query correct, they receive a puppy. If they get the question wrong, then their opponent gets the puppy that hangs in the balance. As I said — high stakes.

As the game goes on, sh*t gets real during Double Puppardy. During Double Puppardy, you can win two (2) puppies, or potentially lose them to your opponent. Then, for the final question, the aptly-named Final Puppardy comes into play. This, like Jeopardy, has an all-important question that puts all the puppies in the game on the line. The winner takes all the puppies, for better or worse.

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