Bernie Sanders Fights For The Little Guy Against Larry David During His Special ‘SNL’ Appearance

02.07.16 2 years ago

Bernie Sanders made his “surprise” appearance on Saturday Night Live and it surprisingly wasn’t in the Bern Your Enthusiasm sketch. Instead, we’re taken back to a steam ship in the Atlantic Ocean and placed in what seems like a Titanic situation. The ship is sinking and it’s women and children first, much to the chagrin of Larry David. He’s essentially calling out every person they let on a lifeboat before him, calling for kids to have pube checks, asking if an old lady is menopausal, and calling another kid a midget in disguise — he can say it, it’s olden times.

But then he makes the mistake of bringing up the fact that he’s rich and he’s about to pop down in a lifeboat to save his hide. This, much like the Bat Signal, calls Bernie Sanderswitzky to the scene to take on the rich jerk. He’s also hoping to change his name once he gets to America, so it doesn’t sound so Jewish.

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