Corgi Friday: This Commercial Is Weird

06.29.12 8 Comments

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what is going on in this commercial. I have never heard of “Ma’amite,” I don’t understand why their tagline is “One either loves it or one hates it,” and don’t know what purpose they are trying to serve by having a corgi trot around a palace and then lift his leg and piss all over their product. None of it makes sense to me. But here’s what I DO know: if you make a commercial featuring a corgi trotting around a palace and pissing all over your product, I am going to post it here. Yes I am. Easiest decision I’ll make all day.
More pictures after the jump. All images via Obsessive Corgi Disorder unless otherwise noted.

Thanks to @tholzerman for passing this one along

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