O.J. Simpson Says He’s ‘Indifferent’ To Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Portrayal Of Him

Everyone and their mother has been glued to the screen for the first season of American Crime Story, which recounts the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Between the already insane events and the sheer amount of scenery chewing going on from the cast, it has quickly become Must See TV. Cuba Gooding Jr. stopped by Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live to talk to Andy Cohen about the show. After talking about whether or not Tom Cruise has had work done to maintain his youthful appearance (apparently he has) and what it was like kissing Beyoncé, Cohen asked Gooding Jr. whether or not O.J. Simpson had reached out to him about his performance.

Despite claiming to have not seen the show yet, Simpson seemed to have plenty of opinions about Gooding Jr.’s portrayal. Maybe watch him try to kill himself in Kimmy’s bedroom before you throw any stones, O.J.

“He must be posted up at the payphone in jail, because everybody keeps giving a quote that he says… He said that ‘he hasn’t seen the show, but Cuba’s portrayal, I feel ‘indifferent.'”

Apparently Simpson wanted Denzel Washington to play him instead, but something tells me Denzel doesn’t do television. Not even for (or especially not, depending on your preference) Ryan Murphy.

(Via Bravo)