‘The Daily Show’ Lends A Hand To End The Native American Pipeline Protest In North Dakota

The protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline have been highlighted by violence and tense negotiations between the companies behind the pipeline and tribes protesting the project. Construction is proposed to move near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation and members of the tribe claim this will disturb sacred locations in the area. The government has stepped in to attempt to calm the violence, temporarily halting the construction, but now another bit of help is on the ground courtesy of The Daily Show.

Hasan Minhaj went out to visit the protestors in North Dakota to get to the bottom of the issue and tries to find out why these Native Americans don’t trust the Unites States and the companies behind the pipeline. Minhaj talks to several folks on the ground, none of them too pleased about the pipeline or any of the past dealings with the United States, and ends up trying to get them sign a new treaty covering the “big ass pipeline.”

The whole thing hits the nail on the head, but it does use some comedy to highlight the situation in North Dakota. The entire protest has been happening for months and most people likely weren’t aware until protestors were allegedly being attacked by dogs. Now eyes are on the situation and journalists are being hit with arrest warrants. It’s a full on happening.

(Via The Daily Show)