These ‘Doctor Who’ Speeches Will Inspire You

Doctor Who has a knack for grandiose emotion, and not just from the fans on Tumblr. The Doctor and his companions have mastered the art of speech making in times of trouble, inspiring acts of courage while breaking hearts at the same time, especially since the 2005 reboot. Whether the Doctor is facing down “certain” death or victory, you can be sure that he’s going to have things to say about it.

While many Whovians associate David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor with grandstanding, all four of the NuWho Doctors have had their moments, so check out this list of great Doctor Who speeches, and sound off in the comments if your favorite was left out.


This was the speech that rebooted the series and gave new fans a taste of what was to come. Rose wasn’t sure who this man was, and neither were viewers. While the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) was only around for a season, he still made an impact. As he talked about feeling the turn of the Earth and told Rose that they were hurtling through space together, both she and the audience knew that adventure as on the horizon.