Donald Glover Would Really Like People To Quit That Rumor That His Schedule Is Holding Up The ‘Community’ Movie

A Community movie was announced back in 2022, much to the delight of fans and community college students around the country. Since then, the cast has been slowly but surely providing updates regarding production, but for some reason, Donald Glover has become the person to blame for the wait.

Glover confirmed that the film is on the way, despite some road blocks. “It’s happening but I don’t know when. I swear, it’s happening,” the actor told Deadline earlier this week.

While the delays are probably due to the busy schedules of the large cast, for some reason, everyone is quick to assume Glover is the one holding up production. He added, “Everybody is hating on me on the internet and it’s not me! They’re like, ‘We know that you’re the reason.’ Maybe I was last year — maybe — but not this time.”

While Glover takes the blame, in reality, the Community crew have all been busy over the last two years. Glover starred in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, while Alison Brie had a role in Hulu’s Apples Never Fall. Meanwhile, Joel McHale has been busy with his sitcom Animal Control, and Ken Jeong has been unmasking singers. Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Jim Rash and Yvette Nicole Brown are all also expected to return… as soon as Glover is done with his Simba duties.

(Via Deadline)