Drea De Matteo Got Engaged At A Whitesnake Concert To The Band’s Bassist

Sons of Anarchy viewers never actually saw Jax Teller and Wendy Case get married, but we can assume there were motorcycles present, and cases and cases of trashy beer, and a jukebox that only played Katey Sagal covering “Greensleeves” and Whitesnake songs. So, minus the Sagal, it was basically every Whitesnake concert, which is where actress Drea de Matteo, who played Wendy, got engaged over the weekend to the band’s current bassist, Michael Devin.

“I fell in love with a very beautiful woman a few years ago, I want to embarrass her as much as I can,” he explained [during the Atlantic City] show. “I’ve been in love with you since the day I met you and I will for the rest of my life, and I hope that you’ll marry me. (Via E! Online)

She said yes — or, more accurately, “I’m going to marry this motherf*cker” — because only good things happen to Drea de Matteo in New Jersey. Congrats, you crazy kids. Now slide it in.

(Via E! Online)