‘SNL’ Taps Emma Stone And Shawn Mendes For December Duty

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The former Mango playground that is Saturday Night Live has scrolled through their big celebrity temp listings and determined that Emma Stone would be a lovely person to have return to the program. Y’know, because she definitely would be.

Stone, who has the much gushed over motion picture La La Land to promote, was revealed as the host for the December 3rd edition of the program during last night’s Kristen Wiig centered episode. This will be the Easy A star’s third go-around as host of the show, although she has a habit of popping by at other times as well. Joining Stone will be non-threatening teen troubadour Shawn Mendes who will be making his rookie appearance as an SNL musical guest.

No word yet on if dogged Saturday Night Live critic President-elect Donald Trump approves of the host/singer combination.

Elsewhere in 2016 SNL scheduling, NBC will be placing the show’s Thanksgiving output on display as America gears up for its annual cavalcade of turkey, booze and arguments you didn’t imagine you’d have. November 23 (Thanksgiving Eve) will see the Peacock Network play host to a two hour special featuring Saturday Night Live‘s stockpile of Thanksgiving fare. Will Kristen Wiig’s freshly crafted holiday song make the cut? We’ll just have to wait and see. “Back Home Ballers” is a lock, though.

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