Kristen Wiig Discusses The Best Thanksgiving Food In A Weird ‘SNL’ Sketch That Shouldn’t Have Been Cut

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11.20.16 5 Comments

Some of these sketches cut from Saturday Night Live due to time constraints really should’ve made the show. Instead of Secret Word or the return of Target Lady — this time as Surprise Lady — we could’ve gotten another weird installment of the host sharing their favorite holiday items. We’ve seen it with Michael Keaton before Easter, Edward Norton during a fine Halloween episode, and now Kristen Wiig is doing the deed for Thanksgiving. It might not be the kind that you want to lead off the show, but it’s certainly a sketch that has a few more weird laughs than some of the stuff we saw during the show.

There’s literal gravy boats, John Candy references, and a live turtle tossed into the sketch. Also like the birth control pills painted to look like peas, although it’s going to be a cruel joke if you actually try to eat them and expected peas. Right up there with finding out you ate dog at Thanksgiving. Snake and turkey are fine, but dog shouldn’t be mixed with other meats. That’s a delicacy.

Kenan is also here, playing against his typical character in a good way as the 35-year-old Marcus who refuses to abandon the kid’s table. Never let go of your dreams, Marcus.

(Via SNL)

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