Kristen Wiig And A Few Special Guests Sing The Secret History Of Thanksgiving On ‘SNL’

Kristen Wiig returned for her second hosting appearance on Saturday Night Live, revealing her status as a Thanksgiving freak and bringing a few special guests along with her. Much like almost every other host in the past few seasons the monologue devolved into a song to kick off the show. The difference this time is that Wiig decided to sing about the secret history of the holiday with some odd changes. There’s space aliens, Betsy Ross, Kate McKinnon as Napoleon, and some talk about the entire thing actually being in your heart.

It almost goes off the rails once Steve Martin and Will Forte show up to question the reality of the entire, but they’re quickly thrown in with the rest once the song starts again. Thank God because this version of Thanksgiving is a lot better than the real one. Natives teaching gardening? Possible life-threatening illness? Genocide? Who needs it. Give me space aliens and Napoleon delivering corn to people. The only things missing from this are the giant balloons from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade coming to life, talking to people, and leading us all on an adventure to save our souls.

Sure, they’ll likely just kill us after they learn about their existence, but it’ll be fun for a few minutes at least. You should’ve listened to that psychic when they told you Garfield would be the death of you.

(Via SNL)

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